Books – A Future on Amazon

Well, it’s now 2015 and it’s the start of a brand new year, resolutions have been made, the new year has been toasted to within an inch of it’s life and I’m ploughing on with my 5th Book release in Amazon.
The new book is a lovely tale of internet dating gone wrong, very very wrong. I have experienced the bad/ dark side of internet dating, but nothing as bad as this!!!
Hopefully this book will be released in the next month or so and I also have a short book coming out on my favourite ‘new band’ of 2014, they amazed and thrilled me, but were cert ‘Marmite’ – both hated and lived in equal measure the world over.

So, 2015 will be a great year – I can sense it already and by the end of this year I’m guessing that I will have around 10 – 12 books on Amazon and still enjoying doing it, it’s good to have a hobby…

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